The Magic Of BellaGene

A Natural Way to Beautify Our Skin
Frequently Asked Questions 

What is collagen? 
 Collagen is a fibrous protein that makes up about 25% of the total protein in the body. Collagen provides structural support to skin, muscle, tendon and bone. It contributes to tissue integrity and firmness of the skin.  

Why do we need to take collagen supplementation while our body can produce it naturally? 
 Complete reproduction of natural collagen in human body is limited to young age. Collagen productivity is reduced at about 1.5% every year as part of the aging process starts from the age of 25. Collagen production slow down may lead to development of unwanted wrinkles and appearance of aged skin. Hence, collagen supplementation is essential to restore youthful elasticity and firmness of the skin. 

 What is BellaGene? 
 BellaGene is a Collagen drink formulated in strawberry juice together with aloe vera extract, vitamin C and grape seed extract for skin beauty. 

 How much of collagen is in BellaGene formulation? 
 Each sachet of BellaGene contains 4000mg of fish collagen peptides. Each box of BellaGene contains 15 sachets.

 How does BellaGene help improve skin conditions? 
 BellaGene is formulated with high amount of small molecular weight fish collagen peptides that can be easily absorbed by our body. It may help to boost up our natural collagen production as well as ameliorate the condition of collagen lost due to aging and other external factors. In addition, aloe vera extract, vitamin C and grape seed extract that included in the formulation also may enhance collagen production complimentarily. 

 How long should I take BellaGene for improved effectiveness? 
 In average, visible skin improvement can be seen within 2 months of consumption. 

How can I optimize the effectiveness of BellaGene? 
BellaGene is good enough to be taken as a stand-alone product, but its effectiveness may be further enhanced if taken in combination with other products of Gano Excel such as Royal Excellium, Gano Soap, Gano Transparent Soap and G’Beaute series skin care products. 

What is the suggested usage?
Mix a sachet of BellaGene into 100ml of warm water. Take 1 sachet in the morning and 1 sachet in the evening for 1-2 weeks for better results, then 1 sachet daily for maintenance. Take the drink on an empty stomach before meals.

 Can BellaGene be taken on a long-term basis? 
 Yes. BellaGene contains mostly natural ingredients that are no harm to our health in the long term. 

 Can men take BellaGene?
 Yes. BellaGene is suitable for women and men of all skin types. 

 Can pregnant women or lactating mothers consume BellaGene? 
 It is not recommended to take BellaGene during pregnancy or while lactating. Please seek advice from your physician if you have any concern. 

 Who is not recommended to consume BellaGene? 
 BellaGene is generally safe to be taken, but to those who are allergic or hypersensitive to fish protein or any other ingredients in BellaGene is the product not recommended. Please seek advice from your physician if you have any concern. 

 Is there any side effect of BellaGene? 
 There are no known side effects associated with taking BellaGene. 

 Will I put on weight if I consume BellaGene daily?
 Each serving of BellaGene contains only approximately 77 kcal and negligible amount of fat. Thus, daily consumption of BellaGene is unlikely to lead to weight gain problem. 

 Since collagen is a protein, will it be degraded by digestive enzymes and its effectiveness reduced when taken orally? 
No. Scientific studies have proven that collagen is absorbed into blood circulation in the form of small peptides and mostly accumulated in cartilage and skin.